Live, 2-Day In-Person Event For MSPs And IT Services Business Owners:

How To Effortlessly Sell More High-Dollar IT And Managed Services Contracts WITHOUT Fee Resistance, Discounting Or Manipulative, Hard-Close Sales Tactics

A Proven Blueprint To Get More High-Value, Appreciative, Well-Behaved MSP Clients Without Discounting Or Doing All The Quoting, Closing And Prospecting Work Yourself

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So many MSPs put ALL their effort into service delivery and becoming technically savvy, but spend very little time on thinking about how they approach the single most important STARTING point of every client relationship: the SALES process.

During this event you’ll get an easy, straightforward approach to the IT services sales process, as well as a step-by-step blueprint on how to build your sales team.

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What You Can Expect From This
2-Day MSP And IT Services Sales Event

Before Attending Roadshow:

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After Attending Roadshow:

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Event Agenda

Robin Robins, CEO of TMT and Big Red Media

Building A Productive Sales Function In Your
MSP Business

Sitima Fowler, Former CEO of Iconic IT

Quoting And Proposal Disasters That Eat Profits And Leave Prospects (And Clients!) Upset

Adam Spencer, CEO of 911 IT

How To Build A List Of High-Probability Prospects Fast

Mike Stodola, CMO of TMT

The Essential MSP Digital Marketing Plan

Will Nobles, CEO of Vector Choice and Visibility IT

An Easy Way Any MSP Can Get Started Selling Compliance As-A-Service Solution To Avoid Losing Clients

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2-Day MSP Sales Blueprint Event

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In addition to two days of money-making strategies, tools and templates for growing your MSP profitably, you’ll also receive:

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2-Day In-Person Event Dedicated To Showing You How To Build A Productive Sales Process And Team For Your MSP


So You Can Finally Get More High-Value, Appreciative, Well-Behaved MSP Clients Without Discounting Or Doing All The Quoting, Closing And Prospecting Work Yourself

What MSPs Are Saying About TMT’s Roadshow Events!

David J And Robin Robins

"After Implementing Robin’s Proven Strategies We Added 40 New Clients!"

I was STUCK for eight straight years. I decided to attend Roadshow, and after implementing Robin’s proven strategies we added 40 new clients and $1,384,486 in revenue!

David Javaheri

Direct IT
Kelley And Shawnda Sanford

"We Replaced 'Hope And Pray' Advertising, With Proven, Targeted Marketing!"

As a direct result of attending Roadshow, we replaced “hope and pray” advertising, with proven, targeted marketing that we learned at the seminar and quickly added $24,796.57 in new MMR!

Kelley And Shawnda Sanford

Nerds In A Flash
Matt Wellner headshot

"Nixed The 'Easy Button,' Then Added $576,000 In

Attending Roadshow was SO WORTH IT!  After that seminar, we went “All In”, nixed the “Easy Button”, then added $576,000 in NEW SALES!

Matt Wellner

Krueger Communications
Jenn McGroary headshot

"The Entire Conference

I convinced my boss to let me attend Roadshow. The entire conference was AMAZING! We signed 4 new clients using Robin’s No-BS Marketing Campaigns we learned!

Jenn McGroary

ClearCom IT Solutions

"Roadshow Was The Starting Point Of Our Transformation!"

Roadshow was the starting point in our transformation from a break-fix shop to an MSP model that added $1,124,000 in a single year!

Roland Parker

Impress Computers
Bryce Servine headshot

"This Event Is Worth
The Money!"

I attended Roadshow and the number one thing I learned was to get off the fence! This event is worth the money. After Roadshow we made a commitment to keep the
momentum going.

Bryce Servine

Centerpoint IT
Evan Desjardines headshot

"There Is No Better Time To Push The Accelerator
Than Now!"

We keep coming back to Roadshow year after year because we learn something new every time. There is always a new, innovative way to work on your business to absorb
and implement.

Evan Desjardines

RoundTable Technology
Sonia Baghat headshot

"Attending Roadshow Helped Bring Our Business To
New Heights!"

Attending Roadshow helped bring our business to new heights! In just 90 days after attending, we increased our MRR by $111,600!

Sonia Bhagat

BASE Solutions LLC
Ed Wenzel headshot

"Roadshow Lit A Fire
Under My Butt!"

Roadshow lit a fire under my butt, and we OVERSHOT our revenue goal by $325K! We went from zero recurring revenue, zero marketing, and zero sales in the pipeline to $125,000 in recurring revenue just by implementing the strategies and tactics we learned.  

Ed Wenzel

Zoran Nikolic headshot

"Great Seminar!"

If you’re still not sure about attending one of these seminars, REGISTER and you’ll be glad that you did.

Zoran Nikolic

GM Solutions 

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...and you will discover, step-by-step how to effortlessly sell more high-dollar IT and managed services contracts WITHOUT fee resistance, discounting or manipulative, hard-close sales tactics!

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Breakfast And Learn


Robin Robins

CEO of TMT and Big Red Media

There is no doubt about it: Robin Robins has helped more MSPs and IT services businesses to double – even triple – sales, profits and MRR growth than any other marketing consultant in the IT services industry, period. As a trusted advisor to over 10,000 IT services business owners for over 18 years, Robin knows a thing or two about what it takes to grow sales, recurring revenue streams and a profitable client base for an IT services business.

In addition to her hands-on experience in working with IT business owners, Robin runs a phenomenally successful and profitable multimillion-dollar services business herself. Unlike many “ivory tower” consultants who run a business in their dreams, she can speak from actual experience in marketing, packaging and delivering intangible services, dominating a niche, building a “dream team” of colleagues (she doesn’t call them employees) and building a raving-fan, loyal client base. From marketing to time management, Robin will give you her most powerful secrets to secure FAST and SUBSTANTIAL gains in any IT services business.

Sitima Fowler

Former CEO of Iconic IT

Sitima is a long-time member and champion of TMT who used what she learned to turn her tiny, failing MSP from zero growth and profits to a multi-million dollar MSP generating over a million in net profit. She then merged with a group of other MSPs to form Iconic IT, where she was head of sales, growing to over $25 million before it sold to Integris. Today, she teaches our members how to close big, profitable managed services agreements with ease.

Adam Spencer

CEO of 911 IT

Adam Spencer is the CEO and founder of 911 IT, an MSP that is based in Riverton, Utah, specializing in IT support for small and mid-sized businesses. Roughly 3 ½ years ago, Adam was a pure break-fix shop generating about $570,000 in revenue but unprofitable, living with high debt and a lot of uncertainty. After implementing TMT marketing, he converted all his break-fix clients to managed services and is on track to generate $4 million in revenue this year. Last year he added 37 new managed clients and closed an additional $45,755 in new MRR, landing him the honorary position as Spokesperson and Ambassador to the Industry for TMT. During his session, he’ll show you how you can get started in generating similar results for your MSP.

Mike Stodola


Mike Stodola is the Chief Marketing Officer at Technology Marketing Toolkit where he brings his passion for marketing and sales to its members and customers. Mike founded, grew and sold two of his own service businesses outside of Chicago before seeking to take his experience to thousands of other entrepreneurs by working with companies that focus on them. In his free time you’ll probably find him eating his way through his new home of Nashville and posting photos of his food-journey on Instagram.

Mike Stodola

CEO of Vector Choice and Visibility IT

Defying generations of his lineage of agricultural capitalists in Eastern North Carolina, Will Nobles traded his bulldozer for a corner office when he decided to pursue his own million-dollar legacy in the IT industry. Will has built his claim over the last 20 years, attaining multiple degrees and certifications that have earned his company, Vector Choice, accolades such as The Best And Brightest Companies To Work For (Atlanta) and MSP 501.

Since he met Robin and joined the Producers Club, the results speak volumes in the change of how Vector Choice does business. Since joining Robin and Producers Club just four years ago, Vector Choice has grown from $800K to $7M+, now adding on average $6K MRR per month. Will has evolved from working in the business to working on the business. As a result, he is an author and speaker who enlightens audiences on the industry’s recommended precautions regarding cybercrime, and as a highly regarded Cyber Security Expert.

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